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Adriana (SV-1)

By Cesare F. Rosati



Adriana (SV-1) is the second near-future novel available from Accede Press.


It covers the period from 2012 to 2028. It is a political thriller with a bit of science fiction.



On the heels of a successful satellite launch using brilliant new technology, the BTP Corporation announces it will build the first space village. However, Washington politics and long-established military industrialists threaten to derail BTP’s plans. Manipulation via the media becomes not only the grease that makes both sides run, but the rust that threatens to explode them apart as well. Who will survive? In Adriana (SV-1), author Cesare F. Rosati continues his series of absorbing near-future novels that blend perfectly portrayed political scheming and intriguing science fiction.
--- Kathleen Cunningham Guler, author of The Anvil Stone


The second book in this near-future series propels the privately owned BTP Corporation toward Adriana Brock’s vision of a village in space. National and worldwide conglomerates embroil space travel’s scientific achievers in political intrigue, while inside D.C.’s Beltway, Metro tunnels transport double-edged characters pursuing personal advantage. As Washington Post reporter Samantha Jamison says, “Everybody wants something for something.” Slowly but surely, layers coalesce as the author, with unmatched logic, reveals each character’s hidden agenda in this tightly wound thriller. As the Brock family’s next generation takes the helm, the reader glimpses an amazing future that beckons from Mr. Rosati’s pages, which cannot be turned fast enough.
--- Harriet Freiberger, author of Lucien Maxwell, Villain or Visionary


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