The Near Future Novels

The Brock Saga

By Cesare F. Rosati



Cesare F. Rosati was born in Italy in 1946, and immigrated to the U.S. (Buffalo, NY) in 1956. A graduate of West Point (Class of 1970), he served in the U.S. Army until 1977. During military service, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Electronics from Stanford University. In 1977, he joined the civilian side of government service, retiring in 1995 from the U.S. State Department, where he had served as the Head of a U.S. Delegation engaged in classified international negotiations. From his perspective as an engineer, Washington insider, and international negotiator, he is well placed to delve into the political scenes of the story he has woven for the reader.


Cesare began writing a series of ‘Near-Future Novels’ in the late 1990’s. Prairie Dogs PPL, the first in a planned series of five was published in 2005 and has been well received. The second novel, Adriana (SV-1),  followed in 2006. The third book in Mr. Rosati’s The Brock Saga series, Brockport, FS, was published in 2012. The fourth book in the series,  MMC Explorer, has just been published (2015).  The fifth novel in this series, Inspector Brock, SPF, was published in 2016.  This completes the series that follows

the Brock family’s ‘near-future’ ventures into outer space and global politics.  


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